So Long, Berlin

After six years of living in Berlin, my wife and I have decided to move back to Panama.

There are many reasons why, but for me personally, I realized that I can do what I do wherever I am. And now that I have kids, I’d rather do that while being closer to family.

But Berlin will always be an important part of my life. This is where my wife and I started living together. This is where we started a family.

This is also where I found my musical voice. I’m not sure if I’d have gone back to playing solo acoustic guitar if I hadn’t been here. I don’t think I’d have found the time to experiment with all the ideas I had in my head.

For all these reasons I feel like I know myself better now. And with this phase of my life over, it feels like it’s time to move on.

But for those very same reasons, my family and my music will always be tied to Berlin.

So thanks to all the friends I’ve made, all the musicians I’ve played with, all of my students, it’s been a great experience.

Tomorrow, Wednesday May 14th, will be my final show in Berlin at Intersoup. Hope to see some of you there!


Last Show In Berlin


Well, it’s happening: I’m leaving Berlin soon. That means my show at Intersoup next week will also be the last one I do before I leave.

It’ll be on Wednesday May 14th at 21:00, entrance is free. I’ll also have Worldbuilding CD’s with me for those that haven’t gotten one yet. I want to get rid of as many as I can before the big move, so I’ll probably do some sort of sale.

So, if you’re in Berlin, I hope you can make it. I think this one’s gonna be special. See you then.

Stageit Show Cancelled

Hi guys,

Unfortunately I’ve decided to cancel my show on Stageit this Sunday. Things are pretty hectic right now due to major changes in my family’s life, so I haven’t had time to prepare for it, much less promote it properly.

So I’m cancelling it for now and leaving it for when things have settled down again. Those who already bought tickets will get their Notes back, which you’ll be able to use when I reschedule the show (or on other shows on Stageit).

Sorry if this inconveniences any of you, but I’d rather leave it for later and do it right, than give you guys a half-assed performance.

Spotify Tuesday #2

This week’s playlist is pretty…varied. But I think it flows pretty nicely. Then again, some of my tastes in music can be a bit weird, so YMMV.

1. “Flutter” – John Lurie National Orchestra

I love John Lurie’s music, his work with the Lounge Lizards is amazing. It’s a shame he isn’t able to make music anymore, hopefully that’ll change in the future. This “Orchestra” is basically him jamming with drummers Billy Martin and Calvin Weston. The music has an African feel to it, and Lurie’s playing is so beautiful and…strange.

2. “Damaged Wig” – Igorrr

I’ve always loved music that makes me go “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???” Unfortunately, with time your ears get jaded and it gets a lot harder be impressed that way. So I was doubly blown away when I first heard Igorrr.

3. “Desert Search For Techno Allah” – Mr. Bungle

I listened to Disco Volante the other day for the first time in years…it felt like I was rediscovering this masterpiece all over again. I love it when that happens.

4. “Raise The Sun” – Anciients

One of the best new metal bands I’ve heard in a while. They remind me of Mastodon a bit, but with a more classic feel and slightly better singing. They also have a certain mystical vibe to their music which I really like.

5. “Bathyalpelagic II: The Wish In Dreams” – The Ocean

I’ve been following these guys for a while, and I really feel they’ve found their groove with their newest album. Also, listen to the drummer.

6. “Poetry Written In Gasoline” – Refused

Speaking of drummers you should be listening to…I always end up air-drumming when I listen to Refused. And this track is so intense! It’s a shame it’s a B-side on some half-forgotten EP.

Game Of Thrones Special On Stageit

Ernesto Schnack live at Stageit

I’ll doing another online show on Sunday May 4th, this time on Stageit.

Since we’re in the middle of Game Of Thrones fever, I thought I’d play all of the songs I’s covered from the show. Of course I’ll also play my own music and a few Tool covers as well. And I’ll be taking requests as too.

The show will be pay-what-you-want, and you can buy tickets here. There’s a limited amount of tickets, so don’t wait too long to get them :)

Stageit has special system where you buy “notes” (think of them as tokens at a fair) and pay with those. 1 Note is equal to 10 cents, and the minimum you can buy is 50 notes ($5.00).

The cool thing about this system is that it lets you gift notes to others, so if somebody can’t pay for their ticket for whatever reason, other  listeners can help them out.

So basically, if you’d like to see the show:

1. Open an account on Stageit.

2. Buy Notes.

3. Go here to buy a ticket.

4.  And I’ll see you on May 4.

See you then! I’ll have some notes to give away, so if you really don’t have a way to buy a ticket, get in touch.

Spotify Tuesday #1

I’ve been meaning to share some of the music I’ve been listening to lately, so I thought I’d start posting a weekly Spotify playlist. So, without further ado…

1. “Thames Town” by Hauschka

If you know what a prepared piano is, then you probably associate it with John Cage. It’s nice to see somebody take an instrument that’s mostly associated with a 20th Century composer, and doing something fresh and modern with it. I’ve honestly only just started listening to this, but it’s definitely very unique and hard to classify…which is a big plus in my book.

2. “Bruane Brenn” by Kvelertak

Kvelertak take everything great about hard rock and metal and bundle it all up in incredibly energetic catchy tunes. These guys are Rock And Roll at it’s best. Oh and that one guitar solo at 2:45 is like butter.

3. “The Time Of Perfect Virtue” by Junius

Spotify recommendations can be pretty hit-or-miss, but I’ve been listening to a lot of new bands thanks to them, so I can’t really complain. I had never even heard of Junius before I saw them in the Discover tab. In a way they reminds of those goth-y synth pop bands from the 80′s. But with guitars.

4. “Obfuscator Dye” by East Of The Wall

These guys took a while to grow on me. Now I can’t stop listening to them, especially this song. I wish more metal bands were this creative with their arrangements. These guys have three guitars, and they’re hardly ever playing the same thing. Instead they’re constantly harmonizing or playing in counterpoint. But it’s all related and there’s some clever motivic development going on too. I wouldn’t be shocked if one of them studied composition at some point…

5. “The Lion’s Roar” by Cynic

I missed the Cynic bandwagon when they first came out, but Traced In Air is one of my favorite albums from recent years, so I was really excited about their new album. To tell you the truth, I was a bit disappointed at first, but it’s really grown on me. This track is just great…and the bass! Sean Malone kills on this.

6. Everyone is Everyone (and Everything is Everything) by Au4

I heard this track on an episode of Continuum and immediately googled it. It reminds me of Massive Attack or UNKLE, but with a more ethereal vibe. And it just builds really nicely to that chanting towards the end. It has a trumpet solo too…