New Game Of Thrones EP

New Game Of Thrones EP

I finally got around to recording all of my Game Of Thrones covers…I even re-rerecorded the main title and Rains Of Castamere. Hope you like! I also did a new video for the main title. It’s 2015 after all, a man deserves video in HD.   The EP is... read more
So What’s That Ernesto Guy Been Up To?

So What’s That Ernesto Guy Been Up To?

It’s been about six months since I’ve posted any new music, so some of might be wondering where I’ve been…well, I admit things have been quiet over here, but I’ve actually been very busy, and soon I’ll have a lot to show for it. So... read more

Happy 2015!

Well, here we are. 2015. Hope everybody started the new year on a good note. For me, 2014 was a pretty crazy year. As many of you know, we not only had our second child but also made a big move to another country. This pretty much consumed most of my time and I... read more

New Video, Orestes!

Finally! Some new music :) Here’s a cover of “Orestes” by A Perfect Circle, probably my favorite song of theirs. This is also my first creation on Patreon. Thanks loads to everybody who’s become a Patron so far, it’s a huge help. If you... read more
Help Me Make More Music

Help Me Make More Music

The Problem: If you’ve been following what I’ve been up to recently, you’ve probably noticed I haven’t been releasing that much music lately. My last video was Mhysa and that was way back in April! The fact is that I’ve had a hard time... read more

So Long, Berlin

After six years of living in Berlin, my wife and I have decided to move back to Panama. There are many reasons why, but for me personally, I realized that I can do what I do wherever I am. And now that I have kids, I’d rather do that while being closer to... read more

Stageit Show Cancelled

Hi guys, Unfortunately I’ve decided to cancel my show on Stageit this Sunday. Things are pretty hectic right now due to major changes in my family’s life, so I haven’t had time to prepare for it, much less promote it properly. So I’m cancelling... read more

Spotify Tuesday #2

This week’s playlist is pretty…varied. But I think it flows pretty nicely. Then again, some of my tastes in music can be a bit weird, so YMMV. 1. “Flutter” – John Lurie National Orchestra I love John Lurie’s music, his work with the... read more