I started working on this track during my last year in Panama. I just had the main riff and started working out variations that I could use with it. I also had these cool arpeggio patterns (like at 1:08 for example) which are in groups of five and create some really nice rhythmic tension.

Then a week before I left I asked my friend Chale Icaza to record some drums to a loop of the main riff. He basically just improvised over it and I ended up with a bunch of different takes which I used to construct the whole song. I also recorded all the different variations of the guitar riffs that I could think of, in no particular order.

I took all that material and slowly built the song during our travels which would eventually lead us to Berlin, where I finally finished it up. It was a long process, but a very fun one. And a testament to how creative you can get with editing…

The title comes from the working title “Amonpusher”, which was a combination of Amon Tobin and Squarepusher. Those were the two artists I had in mind while writing it, though it really didn’t end up sounding like either one.

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