Stageit Show Cancelled

Hi guys, Unfortunately I've decided to cancel my show on Stageit this Sunday. Things are pretty hectic right now due to major changes in my family's life, so I haven't had time to prepare for it, much less promote it properly. So I'm cancelling it for now and leaving...

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Spotify Tuesday #2

This week's playlist is pretty...varied. But I think it flows pretty nicely. Then again, some of my tastes in music can be a bit weird, so YMMV. 1. "Flutter" - John Lurie National Orchestra I love John Lurie's music, his work with the Lounge Lizards is amazing. It's a...

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Here's a little something to get in the mood for season 4 of Game Of Thrones. It's from the very end of the Season 3 finale, one of my favorite musical moments in the whole series. I love how it uses element from the original theme and develops them in different ways.

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I have a bad habit of releasing things and posting it everywhere except on my site, so this is the first of a few catch-up posts. Here's a video I did back in February of A Perfect Circle's "Judith". This one is really fun to play, and a welcome break from the more...

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