It’s that time of year, when everybody starts sharing their favorite albums of 2015. But let’s be honest, how many albums do you really like from beginning to end? I could count maybe a handful, and even that might be a stretch.

So in a world of Spotify, iTunes, and playlists, I think it makes a lot more sense to talk about songs instead of albums. So here are my favorite tracks of the year (in no particular order):

Forgive Me, Karma – Royal Thunder

Royal Thunder, in general, rock. And their singer has some amazing pipes. But this track really stood out for me. Haunting and beautiful.

He Is/Cerice – Ghost

If there is one band that deserves appearing on people’s best albums lists, it’s Ghost. Meliora is packed with great songs. But these two are pure genius. The arragangements, the riffs, the melodies, the lyrics…argh!

Francafrique – Refused/ Matador – Faith No More

Two of my all-time favorite bands, Refused and Faith No More, reunited recently and released new albums this year. Obviously, I had high expectations for both. Did they live up to them? Not really, but they still dropped some amazing songs so I’m still happy.

Refused in particular had a lot to live up to. They recorded one of the best records of all time and then broke up…elevating them to legendary status. When I first heard Francafrique, I jumped for joy. Not only did I love the song, and the white-boy-funkiness which they only suggested in The Shape Of Punk To Come…I was also happy because this track showed that they’re still willing to take risks, which is what allowed them to be so great in the first place.

Faith No More’s return wasn’t perfect either, but there are some great tracks on Sol Invictus, and Matador is one of the best songs in their whole discography.

Soul Hacker – Fear Factory

Honestly, I haven´t listened to Fear Factory in years, but the second I heard this track, I was 15 again. When these guys get it right, they get it right.

Compendium – Elder

I don’t really know much about these guys, but holy moly is this song awesome. And the riff at 6:14 is just FUUUUN.

The Price – Leprous

I have to thank Spotify for this one…if it hadn’t shown up on my Discover Weekly playlist, I probably would’ve never checked this band out. It’s hard to find music that’s both complex and challenging, yet melodic and accesible, but these guys fit the bill.

No Hope In Sight – Paradise Lost

I’m a big fan of Type O Negative, but for some reason I never listened to Paradise Lost, even though both bands are often compared. And in world without Peter Steele, who am I going turn to when I need some sludgy bleakness? Looks like I found my answer…

Zero – Sylosis

Apart from a few songs from Siamese Dream, I’m not a big Smashing Pumpkin fan. More specifically, I’m not a fan of Billy Corgan’s voice. The guy writes good songs though…

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