I’ve been meaning to share some of the music I’ve been listening to lately, so I thought I’d start posting a weekly Spotify playlist. So, without further ado…

1. “Thames Town” by Hauschka

If you know what a prepared piano is, then you probably associate it with John Cage. It’s nice to see somebody take an instrument that’s mostly associated with a 20th Century composer, and doing something fresh and modern with it. I’ve honestly only just started listening to this, but it’s definitely very unique and hard to classify…which is a big plus in my book.

2. “Bruane Brenn” by Kvelertak

Kvelertak take everything great about hard rock and metal and bundle it all up in incredibly energetic catchy tunes. These guys are Rock And Roll at it’s best. Oh and that one guitar solo at 2:45 is like butter.

3. “The Time Of Perfect Virtue” by Junius

Spotify recommendations can be pretty hit-or-miss, but I’ve been listening to a lot of new bands thanks to them, so I can’t really complain. I had never even heard of Junius before I saw them in the Discover tab. In a way they reminds of those goth-y synth pop bands from the 80’s. But with guitars.

4. “Obfuscator Dye” by East Of The Wall

These guys took a while to grow on me. Now I can’t stop listening to them, especially this song. I wish more metal bands were this creative with their arrangements. These guys have three guitars, and they’re hardly ever playing the same thing. Instead they’re constantly harmonizing or playing in counterpoint. But it’s all related and there’s some clever motivic development going on too. I wouldn’t be shocked if one of them studied composition at some point…

5. “The Lion’s Roar” by Cynic

I missed the Cynic bandwagon when they first came out, but Traced In Air is one of my favorite albums from recent years, so I was really excited about their new album. To tell you the truth, I was a bit disappointed at first, but it’s really grown on me. This track is just great…and the bass! Sean Malone kills on this.

6. Everyone is Everyone (and Everything is Everything) by Au4

I heard this track on an episode of Continuum and immediately googled it. It reminds me of Massive Attack or UNKLE, but with a more ethereal vibe. And it just builds really nicely to that chanting towards the end. It has a trumpet solo too…


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