This week’s playlist is pretty…varied. But I think it flows pretty nicely. Then again, some of my tastes in music can be a bit weird, so YMMV.

1. “Flutter” – John Lurie National Orchestra

I love John Lurie’s music, his work with the Lounge Lizards is amazing. It’s a shame he isn’t able to make music anymore, hopefully that’ll change in the future. This “Orchestra” is basically him jamming with drummers Billy Martin and Calvin Weston. The music has an African feel to it, and Lurie’s playing is so beautiful and…strange.

2. “Damaged Wig” – Igorrr

I’ve always loved music that makes me go “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???” Unfortunately, with time your ears get jaded and it gets a lot harder be impressed that way. So I was doubly blown away when I first heard Igorrr.

3. “Desert Search For Techno Allah” – Mr. Bungle

I listened to Disco Volante the other day for the first time in years…it felt like I was rediscovering this masterpiece all over again. I love it when that happens.

4. “Raise The Sun” – Anciients

One of the best new metal bands I’ve heard in a while. They remind me of Mastodon a bit, but with a more classic feel and slightly better singing. They also have a certain mystical vibe to their music which I really like.

5. “Bathyalpelagic II: The Wish In Dreams” – The Ocean

I’ve been following these guys for a while, and I really feel they’ve found their groove with their newest album. Also, listen to the drummer.

6. “Poetry Written In Gasoline” – Refused

Speaking of drummers you should be listening to…I always end up air-drumming when I listen to Refused. And this track is so intense! It’s a shame it’s a B-side on some half-forgotten EP.

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