It’s finally here! I’m happy to announce that my new album Worldbuilding is now available for download at Bandcamp. Expect it to show up on iTunes and those types of places in the next couple of days.

For those waiting for the CD, they’re being made at the pressing plant as we speak, so expect them in about a week or two. Until then I’m leaving them at the pre-order price, and if you order one you’ll be able to download the digital album immediately.

For those that ordered the tab bundle, I’m a bit behind schedule because of a bad cold i got last week, so the tabs will be ready in a couple of days (I didn’t want to rush them). In the meantime, I’m mailing the tab for You Are My Natural Selection to everybody who pre-ordered them.

I’m also leaving the pre-order price until I finish them, so anybody who orders them before that will get free access to a members area with tutorials and lesson that i’m planning for next year.

Ok, enough jabbering. Hope you enjoy the new album! Please let me know what you think. I’m insanely proud of this music and I’m really happy to be finally sharing it with all of you.

Take care,

Download Wordlbuilding

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