Worldbuilding -The New Album

“Ernesto does not just write songs, he constructs dramatic vignettes with one acoustic guitar.” – Alan Fark, Minor 7th

“A big beating heart of raw emotional power” – Oliver Arditi

Schnack’s fretwork exhibits an exotic quality that often entices and intrigues in a manner that eludes many of what seems the plethora of percussive/tap players out there.

James Filkins

Minor 7th

Creative, fascinating, and original, Schnack delivers a real treat for fans of adventurous instrumental acoustic music.

Jeff Fitzgerald

Aural Innovations

Schnack’s bare, un-processed guitar sounds as heavy as a full band playing metal…one of the finest musicians I’ve come across recently

Oliver Arditi

Happy 2015!

Well, here we are. 2015. Hope everybody started the new year on a good note. For me, 2014 was a pretty crazy year. As many of you know, we not only had our second child but also made a big move to another country. This pretty much consumed most of my time and I... read more

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