Ernesto Schnack is a Panamanian guitarist, composer and producer. Known for his acoustic covers and original compositions, Ernesto has amassed just under 50,000 subscribers and 7,000,000 views on YouTube, and almost a million streams on Spotify in 2019.

His original music has been used in various TV and film productions, including “Secretos de Confesión” and the short film “Alteridad+”.

As a producer, Ernesto has worked with bands and artists such as Cabeza de Martillo, Cuz Robles, Gabrielle Herrera, and his own band, Hacienda Libre.

His most recent releases include the full-length Herramienta, where Ernesto interprets the music of progressive metal band Tool on his acoustic guitar, and various singles, including his arrangement of “Light Of The Seven” from the Game Of Thrones Soundtrack, and covers of Deftones and A Perfect Circle.

Contact: moc.kcanhcsotsenre@otsenre